Broadband Provider

Gigabyte Broadband

Our Broadband is very easy to start just order a router from our store and in two days you will be connected at up to 150 Mbps or Gigabytes per second.

Our store includes various 4g or 5 g Router and with your chosen network sim you can be connected the same day you receive your router.

Unlike other Broadband suppliers you have no contract to sign.

Our 4g routers from £22 for the 4G Lte 4G LTE or the Ryoku router for £65 which has international sims included for your holidays. These are portable WiFi 4g Battery Routers you can even use in a tent. The Router will have a Gif Gaff sim on O2 which you can choose from 10 GB £10 data to 80 GB £20 a month you just choose your package and you can be connected in minutes.

If you need ethernet ports and WiFi then we have these other routers with the Huawei 4g router. This will costs £105 and has 4 ethernet ports as well as WiFi.

Our Gigabyte Modems consists of the Huawei 5g Routers. Choose from mains or battery versions. The mains router has two ethernet ports and a RJ11 phone port you can make and receive calls when you connect a phone. This costs initially £421. The Huawei 5g battery version does not have ethernet ports and does not have a phone. This costs initially £299.

On a 5g network you can get over a 1000 Gigabytes per second if you are in a strong signal area. If you do not have 5g yet then you can get up to 150 Mbps on 4g. You can then wait for better speeds when network providers upgrade their masts to 5g

We will have a full range of modems so make a start now check out if you have 5g in your area check first Three as they are cheapest for 5g. EE wants you to have a 2 year contract. Store