Broadband Provider

Our Broadband is very easy to start just order a package and in two days you will be connected at up to 150 Mbps or Gigabytes per second.

Our 150 Mbps Broadband is based on a Japanese invention the Portable WiFi 4g Battery Router or the Huawei 4g router. No Landline is required just use one the sim cards that we provide to get you the fastest Broadband in your area. No need for your so called fibre router which is usually a copper landline adsl router that was miss sold to you as a Fibre router and you will be lucky to get 40 Mbps dependent of how far you are from the street cabinet.

You can have 150 Mbps download speeds dependent on the sim we provide and the distance to the mast in your area. This is the cheapest and fastest internet you can get.

If you are in a 5 g area you can get up to a Gigabyte per second with a sim for £20 a month.

See packages available from £10 a month our packages